Mavs' DeShawn Stevenson Arrested in Irving for Public Intoxication. He Gets a Free Pass, Right?

​Interviewed Mavericks' guard DeShawn Stevenson on 105.3 The Fan yesterday afternoon about 2:45. He sounded happy. But not drunk.

Listen for yourself.

My first question: "Have you gotten over your Finals' hangover yet?" His answer: "Not really."

In the wake of the Mavericks' NBA championship he talked about hating the Heat and not partying with teammates on South Beach after Game 6 -- instead playing cards with buddies -- because his wife is pregnant.

Apparently after he hung up he commenced -- or contiuned -- drinking.

Because Stevenson last night was arrested in Irving on charges of public intoxication. But I think he gets a pass, right?

After all he was drinking and walking. Not drinking and driving.

Irving police said they found Stevenson alone around 10:30 p.m. at the Grand Venetian apartments and that he didn't know where he was. He does not live at the complex.

Officers put Stevenson through field sobriety tests and then took him into custody without incident. Stevenson was released from the Irving Jail on this morning after posting $475 bail.

Serious question: In light of his outstanding service to the well-being of our community, shouldn't officers have given him a ride home instead of a trip to the drunk tank?

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