Dwyane Wade looks really neat in NBA Live 06. Too bad even the videogame version's gonna get spanked.

Mavs in Seven?

Screw Vegas. Put your money on the $7-plus billion per annum videogame industry.

EA Sports

, publishers of


, ran a videogame simulation of the NBA Finals and concluded that Dallas would grab its first NBA title on a final-seconds Dirk offensive rebound and dunk in the seventh game to chill the Heat 90-88. Dirk also swished and snatched his way to Finals MVP honors, averaging 25.3 points and 10 rebounds per game. Here's the simulation run-down:

    Game 1: Dallas 97 - Miami 90

    Game 2: Miami 101 - Dallas 97 (OT)

    Game 3: Dallas 93 - Miami 90

    Game 4: Dallas 102 - Miami 101 (OT)

    Game 5: Miami 93 - Dallas 81

    Game 6: Miami 87 - Dallas 84

    Game 7: Dallas 90 - Miami 88

Full disclosure: My wife works in the videogame industry. [Editor's note: And that makes some of us very, very jealous.] --Mark Stuertz


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