Seriously, we'd rather have the guy on the left.

Mavs Inching Closer To – Yawn – Hiring Rick Carlisle

The mainstreamers – that’d be, of course, your Dallas’ Only Daily and your good ol’ Startlegram – are echoing what I started yelling last Saturday. That, barring the reincarnation of Red Auerbach, the Mavericks are about to hire Rick Carlisle.

Perhaps as soon as soon as Friday.

Not a sexy pick, no. But it could be worse. Hey, I covered the team when the plays were diagrammed by Quinn Buckner, Jim Cleamons and Richie Adubato. Nonethless, the mainstreamers are sending yawns and question marks toward Mark Cuban this morning regarding Carlisle.

The owner, for what it's worth, seemed determinedly unfazed by the media's luke-warm reactions as he sat next to this stunning hottie during last night’s Dancing With The Stars’ 100th show gagapalooza. I know, guilty. But my wife made me.

Besides, what else was I gonna watch? LeBron going 2 of 18? -- Richie Whitt

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