Maybe DISD Super Hinojosa Is a "Rock Star"?
Patrick Michels

Maybe DISD Super Hinojosa Is a "Rock Star"?

Back in September, when Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa was being considered for the Las Vegas gig, trustee Edwin Flores told Unfair Park: "He's a hot commodity. Outside of Dallas he's a rock star." A few Friends of Unfair Park with long memories have disagreed, but the district just sent word that Hinojosa has been elected to serve as chair of the board of directors for the D.C.-based Council of the Great City Schools, a 55-year-old organization tasked with "[helping] schoolchildren in the Great Cities become successful and productive members of the global community" and "[informing] the nation's policymakers, the media, and the public of the successes and challenges of schools in the nation's Great Cities."

There are 66 member districts, and the super and a school board member from each sit on the CGCS's board. Hinojosa will replace Dilafruz Williams of the Portland Public Schools system. Says the DISD super, who takes over July 1, "I am looking forward to working together with representatives from other school districts throughout the nation so we can ensure that school districts continue to meet the needs of students and provide them a quality education."


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