Mayor Dwaine Caraway: Dallas "Praying for Hope and Strength" for Devastated Sendai, Our International Friendship City

As the Japan-American Society of Dallas/Fort Worth's website points out, "Dallas and Sendai became International Friendship Cities in August 1997, when Mayor Ron Kirk and Mayor Hajimu Fujii signed a formal agreement in Sendai." Which is why, shortly after the 8.9-magnitude quake and tsunami struck off the shore of that city, Mayor Dwaine Caraway sent to his counterpart, Mayor Emiko Okuyama, the letter of condolence you'll find on the other side. Writes Caraway: "Everyone in our city is watching the events unfold in your country with great sadness at the destruction, but we are praying for hope and strength for your city and your nation in the days ahead."

Chris Heinbaugh also reminds, in an accompanying release:

In recent years Dallas, in conjunction with the World Affairs Council and the Japan American Society of Dallas, has sent a pair of runners to participate in the Sendai International Half Marathon. In 2007, Mayor Laura Miller accompanied the runners.

Since '97, several council members have also visited Sendai: Max Wells, Don Hicks, Steve Salazar, Barbara Mallory Caraway, Ed Oakley, Mark Housewright and Pauline Medrano.

And: Our own Danny Hurley sends word that SMU's Dedman College Dean William Tsutsui -- who we mentioned last summer -- is in Tokyo at this very moment, blogging here about what's happening there.

Caraway Letrter to Sendai

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.