Mayor Tom Leppert's Stimulus Request for Convention Center Hotel Gains Little Support on Interwebs

Dallas' convention center hotel made news in Denver today as the ABC affiliate out there featured as its "Web Site of the Week." The site allows users to cast votes and comment on projects they feel to be most critical, or in the case of the hotel, least critical.

At this moment, the hotel is ranked sixth as "least critical" among the projects submitted by mayors across the country hoping to get a federal handout, just behind a project in Mississippi simply called "doorbells," a dog park in California and the most expensive one on the list, which is a whopping $17.5 billion energy project in Puerto Rico (good luck with all that).

Dallas did get a spot on the "most critical" list for the hiring of 20 police officers. So, it looks like the motto from the anti-hotel group rings true: "Safer streets, not hotel suites."

In the comments section, we took a liking to this one from "karl."

Comrades!! You are missing the point of this most awesome of hotels needed for our new republic. There may come times when party officials, including the Chairman himself might descend on your fair city and need proper accomadations. The citizenry will be reminded of His greatness everytime they drive past this tribute as a giant statue of the LEADER himself will be made evident in final architectural plans. It will certainly be a boon to a city that houses that scoundrel Bush.

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