Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

McCain Chooses Sarah Paulson For VP. No, Michael Palin. No, Wait ...

Took a while to find a Dallas connection to John McCain's freshly announced running mate, first-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but, bless The Wall Street Journal, there it is at the very bottom of a lengthy, just-posted profile:

Gov. Palin's judgment was called into question by some in the Alaskan medical community when she opted to board a jet from Dallas last May while about to deliver a child. Gov. Palin, who was eight months pregnant, says she felt a few contractions shortly before she was to give a keynote speech to an energy summit of governors in Dallas. But she says she went ahead with it after her doctor in Alaska advised her to put her feet up to rest. "I was not going to miss that speech," she says.

She rushed so quickly from the podium afterwards that Texas Gov. Rick Perry nervously asked if she was about to deliver the baby then. She made it to the airport, and gave birth hours after landing in Anchorage to Trig, who is diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. "Maybe they shouldn't have let me fly, but I wasn't showing much so they didn't know," she says.

Really, the only thing that leaps out is: She wasn't showing much at eight months? Beauty queen. No, really. --Robert Wilonsky

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