McKinney Man Sues His Ex-Girlfriend for Defamation for Saying He Stole Her Xbox

One of the undersung virtues of dating is the ability to end a relationship without lawyers and protracted litigation. It's easier that way to make a clean break and move on with one's life.

Christopher Konvicka, a 24-year-old from McKinney, appreciates that fact less than most. He was dating a girl, Chelsea, and then, several months ago, they broke up. It's not clear why. These things happen.

On Wednesday, Konvicka filed a defamation suit against his former girlfriend. He accuses her of accusing him of stealing an Xbox from her Richardson apartment on June 5. Her two male roommates, whom Konvicka is suing as "John Doe 1" and "John Doe 2," joined in the accusations of theft.

Chelsea -- we're not giving her last name, because we had no way to reach her to get her side -- never filed a police report, at least not one that a Richardson PD spokesman could find any record of, and Konvicka was never charged with a crime. Rather, he says in the suit, they spread their "extreme and outrageous word of the theft to "personal and professional acquaintances."

And that was enough to inflict "emotional distress," "mental anguish" and a "loss of earning capacity which will, in all probability, be incurred in the future." He's seeking up to $100,000 in damages.

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Eric Nicholson
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