Ya know, seems not so long ago we all kinda hated Terrell Owens and could not have cared less about what he said or did. Ah, the good ol' days...

McNabb to Owens...And it's Dropped

Can't wait till Monday, because just the prospect of the Eagles-Cowboys game on Sunday has already turning into a beating. Says here there's another round of bickering go on between Terrell Owens and the guy who used to throw him the ball, poor Philly QB Donovan McNabb, and this time it has to do with something as small and insignificant as a text message McNabb insists he sent Owens last week--ya know, when it was reported that the Cowboys wide receiver had tried to kill himself, till Owens and his publicity-loving publicist changed their tale into an accidental overdose. Owens says he never got the text message; McNabb says he sent it. Perhaps Owens just dropped another pass. Seems to happen a little too often.

So, asks Shannon Ryan of The Philadelphia Enquirer, "Was it lost in transmission? Never sent? Never received? Never read?" The story continues:

"I didn't get it," Owens said twice with a sour expression, when told McNabb said a get-well text was sent.

Earlier in the day, on the East Coast, McNabb said a message was indeed delivered.

"I just sent prayers his way," McNabb said, "and blessings his way and told him that I continued to pray for him and everything would turn out well and he'd get back out on the field and be healthy, and if he needed anything to call. I'm a human being, and what happened last year, hey, that's over."

McNabb said he never got a response and wasn't looking for one.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to find my painkillers and herbal supplements. --Robert Wilonsky

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