McRat Gets McSettled

Just got off the phone with the attorney for Chrissy Haley, the wife of former Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley who, in 2006, found a rat in her Southlake McDonald’s salad. Seems her case against the grotesque golden arches won’t be going to trial this month after all.

“All I’m allowed to say is that the case has been dismissed,” says Dallas-based Cecil W. “Cas” Casterline. “Other than that, I can’t comment.”

Which means, of course, settlement.

Haley -- who has since moved to Phoenix, where Todd is offensive coordinator for the Cardinals, -- sued the Southlake McDonald’s and its corporate parent for $1.7 million after she and her nanny almost dug their forks into a dead, five-inch juvenile roof rat in her Bacon Ranch Salad. Until recently, McDonald’s didn’t give a rat’s ass about Haley or her salad’s secret ingredient. But, alas, couple weeks before the trial a settlement quietly, quickly arises.

With both parties signing confidentiality agreements, we’ll probably never know the exact amount. But I think it’s safe to say that rat salad is easier to stomach when, instead of paying $7, you get paid seven figures. --Richie Whitt

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Robert Wilonsky
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