Meet Luis Martos-Uribe, the Man Whose Finger Was Severed at the Perot

The folks at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science are excellent at putting together infotaining science exhibits. They are not so good at handling a minor PR challenge.

That much became clear when, on December 30, a museum patron was injured. A week later, pressed by the Morning News, museum officials acknowledged that an adult male had suffered a "non-threatening" injury and that one of the museum's exhibits would be temporarily closed out of "an abundance of caution."

It was up to the media to finally find out what had happened: a patron had severed his finger at an exhibit called "Jump."

The man was Luis Martos-Uribe, an engineer from Juarez, and WFAA's David Schecter caught up with him yesterday.

"My pain was that my daughter saw what happened to me," he told WFAA. "So I grabbed my finger and ran to get help, and so she wouldn't see me."

One imagines that some of that pain stemmed from his finger being ripped from his hand and from the $40,000 he shelled out in a failed attempt to salvage the lost digit. He's hired Domingo Garcia and plans too sue -- and, really, can you blame the guy?

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Eric Nicholson
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