Mike Adams Flops in His Rangers Debut. Even Worse Than Cliff Lee Flopped.

The Titanic. Waterworld. Joey Galloway as a Cowboy. The Dallas Wave.

And now, finding his sheepish spot among the worst debuts in the history of ever: Mike Adams, Texas Ranger.

Ugliest opening act on our baseball team since waaay back, well, actually, since Cliff Lee stunk it up by allowing three homers in a loss to the Orioles in his first start with Texas last July.

The Titanic sunk on its first voyage. Kevin Costner's movie immediately flopped. Galloway tore his ACL in his first game as a Cowboy in 2000 after costing them two first-round draft picks in a trade. And the kayak/canoe water thrill ride on the Trinity River has been open for all of one day at a cost of roughly $4 million.

Adams, unfortunately, joined the select, sucky company when Tuesday night he took the ball for Texas and on his 14th pitch allowed a game-losing, 421-foot homer to the Tigers' Brennan Boesch.

Long day for Adams, who took a 7 a.m. flight and didn't get the park in Detroit until mid-afternoon. Plus, of course, he was nervous. Hopefully this relationship is like sex, a rough debut but smoother and more enjoyable each time until it becomes routine.

Tough loss. The Rangers tied it at 5-5 in the 8th on homers by Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli, but couldn't hold on when their new set-up man allowed a dinger on a 1-2 change-up up in the zone. Not sure if this makes us feel better or worse, but it is the first homer Adams has allowed to a lefty since May ... of 2010.

The Rangers are now 3-15 in their last 18 in Detroit.

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