Texas Tech

Mike Leach = Fired?! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

Texas Tech fires head football coach Mike Leach. Two words:

Holy. Shit.

A saddening, maddening day for Red Raider Nation. My take: It took two to tango, and both Leach and the James family are at fault. Both Texas Tech and Leach will ultimately regret letting this spark burn out of control into a wildfire that scorched one of college football's most successful and entertaining programs.

Leach pissed off the Board of Regents during last winter's contract negotiations, refusing to agree to alumni events, charity causes and shaking hands and kissing babies in the name of "Guns Up!" In turn, the administration - after grudgingly extending him a five-year, $12 million deal - gave Leach a short leash. Watched him like a hawk.

I thought Leach was smarter than this, but maybe his ego engulfed his common sense in 1) Sending a player to a dark room and 2) Refusing to apologize or address the mistake before it mushroomed.

But Adam James? His reputation as a whiny Daddy's Boy is secure, the opposite of his personal safety. And Craig James? I have a major problem with him not first calling Leach to get his side of the story before using his ESPN platform to make this a national issue, one that ultimately cost a coach his job.

Who do you blame?

One thing's for sure ...

Leach is available to coach the Dallas Cowboys.

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