Mike Miles Is Selling His House

When Mike Miles announced a month ago that his wife and son were headed back to Colorado Springs, the question of whether Miles himself would soon join them was unavoidable. It would at least have been understandable given the shellacking he's endured over the past year and a half. But Miles swore, repeatedly, that he planned to stay put and complete the task he's being paid $300,000-plus per year to complete.

Now, we get word via Candy's Dirt, a local real estate blog, that Miles has put his house on the market.

"Mr. Miles loved his house in North Dallas but decided to downsize once his family moved back to Colorado for the school year. He has moved closer to the district's administrative offices since he spends the majority of his time there," Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander told the blog.

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All of which is perfectly rational. After all, the mortgage payments on a $799,000 home on the edge of Preston Hollow must be killer, and 3,500 square feet is a lot of space for one guy. But it's hard to escape the nagging suspicion that Miles is strapping on his parachute.

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Eric Nicholson
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