Mike Miles Quits Dallas ISD

Dallas ISD's embattled superintendent gave up the fight Tuesday morning, resigning his post after almost three years on the job.

In May, Miles survived an attempt by the Dallas ISD board to remove him from his post, but there were signals at the time that he may have held on simply because the board hadn't yet found his replacement. Board member Eric Cowan, specifically, cited the need for an appropriate succession plan as a reason to keep Miles for the time being. Cowan, along with many of the parents in his district, was angry with Miles' decision to remove Anna Brining, the popular principal of North Oak Cliff's Rosemont Elementary School.

Miles was hired by the district as a reformer. Often facing intense criticism, he has instituted rigorous teacher evaluations, shown a willingness to reshuffle the deck at failing Dallas ISD campuses. In spite of his efforts, progress has not been seen in the district's STAAR standardized test results, which have remained largely stagnant.

The superintendent also faced multiple personnel controversies, including a human resources director with an undisclosed criminal background and staffers who were exposed for sending mean-spirited text messages by a open records request from The Dallas Morning News

"With the board and the community, we were able to accomplish and incredible amount," Miles said at a press conference announcing his resignation.

Miles said that he's leaving the district, partly, to spend more time with his family.

“I have been here for three years, 2 of them without my family. I think it’s time to return to Colorado," he said.

Ann Smisko, one of Miles' deputy superintendents, will take over on an interim basis following Thursday's Dallas ISD board meeting. Miles said Tuesday that any severence he might recieve is still being worked out.
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