City Hall

Mike Rawlings Flexes Financial Muscle

If there was any question that former Park Board president Mike Rawlings would be the top fund-raiser among the three announced mayoral candidates, he's seemingly answered it by unveiling a new television ad this morning as pricey mailers hit mailboxes throughout the city yesterday.

The TV ad and mailer -- consisting, as you'll see on the other side, of four double-sided pages and featuring photos of Rawlings with his family, alongside Roger Staubach, as a young football player and sporting that mustache -- tout his role in convincing Oncor to donate $1 million as a sponsor to the Mayor's Youth Fitness Initiative. Although last year's tax hike had a greater impact on parks and recreation, Oncor's money was used to keep rec centers open.

In the ad, which began airing this morning on channels 4, 5, 8 and 11 and can be found after the jump, Rawlings says it's not what you say during tough economic times, it's what you do.

"When I had tight budgets [as a CEO], raising taxes wasn't an option, and it shouldn't be at City Hall," he says.


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Sam Merten
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