Miss It Like Beckham

Guess who ain't coming to Dallas. Yeah. This faux-hawked sumbitch.

The 2007 Major League Soccer schedule is out, and I've got a two-word review: Rip. Off.

All the hubbub over David Beckham coming to America, and just guess the only city that won't see him playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy during the MLS regular season. C'mon, just guess.

Yep, Dallas. Er, actually, Frisco. Whatever.

Dallas hosts L.A. June 9, well before Beckham will be free to join the Galaxy after his contract with Spain's Real Madrid expires June 30. Accordingly, 16 of L.A.'s final 17 games will be broadcast nationally on either ESPN2, Fox Soccer Channel, HDNet or Spanish-language Univision. Escalated by Beckham's August 5 debut, the MLS will have each of its 195 games broadcast for the first time, a record 113 nationally.

Which means get your TiVo ready if you want to see Beckham. Or, if we're lucky, we'll get to see him with the Galaxy on July 31 at Pizza Hut Park when FC Dallas hosts L.A. in some exhibition event called the SuperLiga. So we get to host the MLS Cup, but miss out on Beckham.

Typical of soccer, score it a 1-1 draw. --Richie Whitt

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