Mitt Romney Wants You to Know: Black People Love Him, Including Dallas Rep. Stefani Carter

When Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP convention in Houston two weeks ago, he was roundly booed when he promised to repeal the signature law of the nation's first black president. Some said Romney had cojones for speaking his mind to voters he had little chance of wooing. Some viewed it as a transparent political ploy, a way to prove to supporters that he does, in fact, have cojones.

Probably a bit of both, though the Romney camp hasn't been shy about using the speech to its political advantage. Last night, the campaign released a video featuring endorsements from a handful of black supporters, interspersed with generous cutaways to the crowd of rapt black faces at the NAACP convention. The message is clear: Black people love Mitt Romney!

One of the speakers is a familiar face, state Rep. Stefani Carter, who represents North Dallas and suburbs.

"Governor Romney's speech hit the nail on the head," she says. "We have a nation that's suffering economically. He wants to provide an equal opportunity to every American."

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Eric Nicholson
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