Mom, You'll Love This Place. It's ... Scary?

On a lunchtime errand, I tool down Hall Street, look over at the field across from Lee Park and notice there's a sign I haven't seen before. I immediately flip on the hazards, pull over and grab my phone to snap this photo of what is, quite possibly, the worst advertisement for retirement living ... ever. Oh, sure, the guy on the right looks blissed-out and the peeps on the other side of the fold are quite happy, but damn, that silver-haired woman looks scared out of her tree. I'm sure she's supposed to be having a gay ol' time post-bridge game or something, but terrified looks more like it.

Now, let's say you're bringing home a pamphlet to an elderly parent. You're trying to explain what a lovely staff Belmont Village has and how happy they'll be there. They flip through the thing and actually consider it. That is until they get to the back cover where "Helen" here scares the bejeezus out of them, and they proceed to lock themselves in the bathroom. Yeah, not an ideal situation.

All I'm saying is Belmont Village and Belmont Village's PR company might want to consider changing the marketing on the development posting because, well, it's frightening. A random 30-something driver and her office mates unanimously agree this woman looks like she's just seen Saw VI and didn't mean to.

I have no place telling them how to run their bidness, but having a grandmother in a senior community, I kinda know my way around them. And while there is occasionally shrieking and mayhem (in our case, after disappointing meals or The Price is Right), they prolly shouldn't call attention to it. Though, I will say Helen's manicure is outstanding.

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