More Than Two Months After Her Death, Missy Bevers' Killer Remains a Mystery

Despite the thousand of tips that have poured in, all of the evidence that's been collected and all of the man hours that have been put in by the Midlothian police department and federal agents, authorities are apparently no closer to finding Missy Bevers' killer more than two months after the fitness instructor was murdered inside the Creekside Church of Christ on East U.S. Highway 287.

Friday, Midlothian police released two more warrants in the case. Sealed for more than two months, the warrants gave Midlothian cops access to Facebook accounts belonging to Bevers and her husband, Brandon. Despite their hope that they would find something that might shed more light on the potential motive of Bevers' killer, Midlothian Assistant Police Chief Kevin Johnson said nothing of significance was found during the search of the accounts.

Bevers was murdered in May by an assailant seen on security video wandering through the church, carrying a hammer and dressed in tactical gear shortly before Bevers arrived at the building to teach a Camp Gladiator fitness class. Police have been unable to learn much of anything about the suspect,  telling media and the public that they aren't even sure of the killer's sex — despite speculation that the killer's gait suggests the person on camera is a woman.
Early in the investigation, police discovered evidence that both Missy and Brandon Bevers were engaged in relationships outside of their marriage. Investigators focused on flirtatious messages sent and received by Missy Bevers' LinkedIn account and got warrants for records from multiple cell phones connected to the couple, their friends and family. A bloody shirt, brought to the dry cleaners by Bevers' father-in-law, was tested by police, but the blood was verified to have come from a dog, just as the father-in-law said it had.

Now, police say, the investigation has slowed. The cottage industry that sprung up online to dissect and speculate about the murder's smallest details remains active, but Midlothian authorities say their investigation still isn't focused on a specific suspect.

Anyone with information about the murder should call Midlothian police at 972-775-3333.
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