Mr. Holland's Opus

Gotta make this snappy because this morning I'm headed to Jonestown Coliseum.

Seems Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is holding a press conference to talk about this weekend's NFL Draft and - surprise! - a new radio partnership.

Watched a wonderful, weird Rangers' game last night.

Weird, because of the ending:

With two on and one out In the Toronto 11th, manager Ron Washington goes to the bullpen to summon ... Jason Jennings? No. Eddie Guardado? Nope. How about Darren O'Day?


The skipper said Jennings wasn't available because he'd pitched an inning on Tuesday. One inning! And, worse, he liked O'Day (a submarine righty) better against Kevin Millar than Guardado.

So in trots O'Day, wearing Kason Gabbard's jersey. Why? Released by the Mets, O'Day began Wednesday on the waiver wire in Panama City, Fla. and didn't arrive at Rogers Center until the 10th inning. Really? He was a better option to get a crucial out(s) than two veterans on your staff?

After literally exchanging chuckles and introductions on the mound, O'Day allowed a game-losing double.

Thankfully, wonderful overshadowed weird. Because of Derek Holland.

Not sure who looks younger - Holland or J.J. Barea - but the 22-year-old's Major League debut was impressive.

He threw strikes. He threw 94-96 mph. He threw strikes.

Gave up a squibber infield single to his first batter but finished with 0 runs over 2 1/3 and wakes up this morning with an ERA of 0.00.

Young, hard-throwing lefty from the Rangers' farm system? Maybe Holland will make us (almost) forget we once had John Danks.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.