MTV, Now Officially the Worst Network in the History of Television

In late October, a woman named Kandice Hutchison was killed in a car crash on W. Airport Freeway in Euless, when her 2004 Nissan 350Z hit a center median, flipped onto the concrete barrier "and slid along the top of it until the car slammed into a bridge support and caught on fire," reported yesterday's Star-Telegram. Hutchison was killed on the scene, and Euless police are now considering pursuing street-racing charges against a man also involved in the incident.

But what ups the morbid factor is the fact Hutchison last week made her bow as a contestant on MTV's latest horrible-idea reality show A Double Shot of Love, described on the former music channel's site thusly: "Identical bisexual twins Rikki and Vikki are both looking for their Shot At Love. However, the Ikki twins are tricking the twelve straight guys and twelve lesbians into thinking there's only one of them." Hutchison finished shooting the show shortly before her death -- and the show, which debuted December 9 and airs tonight at 8, has thus far made no mention of her fatal crash. Matter of fact, her MTV bio might even be considered crass and tasteless: "A big talkin' Texan, Kandi is an outspoken makeup artist who prides herself on being brutally honest no matter what the setting -- or the consequences." You stay classy, MTV. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.