Muddy Waters Has Dried Up. But Something "Exciting" Is Taking its Place.

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A Friend of Unfair Park wonders: Is Muddy Waters on Greenville Avenue closed? Sure looks like it: The number's disconnected; the Web site's down; there's a huge hole in the front of the place. All good hints. Because, yes, the longtime blues-and-booze haunt is gone; has been since middle of last week. The lease was up on Tuesday, and the property's owners -- Marc and Roger Andres -- have other ideas in mind for the property, so they didn't renew Gloria Delune's lease.

So happens, says Marc Andres, the place is getting a substantial makeover in advance of John Kenyon's move-in -- and if the name sounds familiar, John Kenyon was the guy behind the likes of the Red Jacket Club, the Fast and Cool Club and Nick's Uptown. Last we heard, Kenyon was going to open the Carousel Club in the Arcadia -- till it burned down in June 2006. But his new joint, which Andres says is about two months away from opening, is called the Vagabond -- and it promises to be a "new landmark location in town, and we're we're very excited about it," Andres tells Unfair Park. As for Muddy Waters, Delune says she's looking for another building -- the closing, she tells Unfair Park, "is just temporary" -- and Andres is "trying to help then find a new spot." --Robert Wilonsky

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