My Rangers Fantasy Finish

Sure, let's get greedy.

In June, Mavericks fans were presented with a utopian climax: Sweep the hated Lakers and then rally to beat the even-more-despised Dwyane Wade and the Heat in the NBA Finals behind an MVP performance from long underrated, underappreciated star Dirk Nowitzki. I've pretty much given up on a Cowboys scenario, but last night while day dreaming in between s-l-o-w Erik Bedard offerings I had plenty of time to craft a Rangers fantasy finish.

Maybe it was another sparkling outing by C.J. Wilson or perhaps it was that pony-tailed blonde with the big, um, ambitions that had her Red Sox cap yanked off by a Rangers fan during another classic Jim Knox report that got me in the mood.

Whichever, it goes like this ...

After clinching the West, the Rangers face the Red Sox in the ALDS and run Boston and their irritaing "Nation" out of Arlington. Wilson, who -- as he proved again in last night's 4-0 win -- absolutely owns Boston over the last two years, caps a complete-game shutout by striking out former Ranger Adrian Gonzalez to end Game 5 at Fenway Park.

In the ALCS, Josh Hamilton rekindles memories of his 2008 All-Star Home Run Derby with three dingers in Game 7 at Yankee Stadium and, just for grins, this time Neftali Feliz strikes out former Ranger Mark Teixeira to send Texas to the World Series.

In the Fall Classic the Rangers win their first championship -- in Arlington -- by getting a grand slam from Michael Young and scoring 10 1st-inning runs in a clinching Game 5 over the Phillies and -- ta-duh! -- Cliff Lee.

Toldja it was greedy.

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