In a couple of weeks, neither one of these folks will be working here.

Nashville Byline

Hey, lookie there -- our very own Matt Pulle makes the Nashville Post today. And its People section, no less -- howzabout that, fancy. And what does it have to say about Matt? Lessee ... oh, it's subscribers-only, sorry. Alas, it's just a rewrite of this item from the Nashville Scene's blog -- the Scene, incidentally, being one of our Village Voice Media siblings. Wait, what? Turns out, yup, Matt's outta here come year's end, though not to start a new life as Andrea Grimes' "research assistant." More like:

Starting Jan. 2, former Scene staff writer Matt Pulle will be returning to the paper as managing editor. He will write and report, as all of our editors do, in addition to working with copy and helping me with the paper’s overall vision.

In related news, we're currently looking for a staff writer. And a music editor. Oh, and an editor. We are so working over the holidays. --Robert Wilonsky

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