NBA TV to Fill Time With '80s Mavs Roundtable

What you see above is the second part of a Dallas Mavericks history-of posted on RetroMavs, the team's official throwback site, only yesterday. Hunh. Don't recall Reunion Arena ever being that empty ... but I also don't recall Ollie Mack possessing "NBA-class moves." Anyway. That reminds me: In about an hour, NBA TV's debuting a sitdown during which Ahmad Rashad will chat it up with the great Mark Aguirre, Sam Perkins, Derek Harper and Rolando Blackman. You can watch a preview here.

And speaking of great sports TV: If you didn't watch last night's Rangers-Angels game, first: Why not? Second: You missed a "shit"-storm of epic proportions, courtesy the greatness of Adrian Beltre, who's in the dugout till September ... ish? The man loves him some home runs.


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