Nearly a Dozen Tornadoes Swept Through North Texas Last Night

As day breaks in North Texas, residents are surveying the devastation wreaked by last night's storms. Dallas escaped the worst of it. The tornado sirens by our place just south of White Rock got going around 9 p.m. and kept on for a half hour, but we saw nothing but rain, heard nothing but thunder.

An hour to the southwest, people weren't so lucky. At least 10 tornadoes swept through Hood and surrounding counties, killing six and injuring dozens of others. The epicenter was Granbury, where all the deaths occurred, but Cleburne and Ennis were also hard hit.

A handful of storm videos have been uploaded to YouTube, and both Twitter and local news outlets are full of photos of the storm and the devastation it wreaked. Footage from the other side of Lake Granbury, but the clip below of one of clouds swirling into a funnel is mesmerizing.

Here's a glimpse at the storms and the devastation they left in their wake:

And, oh yeah. There was hail.

Rescuers are still digging through the rubble in search of the missing. NBC 5 has a rundown of how you can help.

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