New Dallas Cowboys Book To Be Full of "Dynamic Characters" and "Lots of Misbehavior"

Two weeks ago I linked to the heartbreaking Clayton Holmes profile, penned for's Page 2 by Jeff Pearlman, who's the author of two sports books (about the '86 New York Mets and Barry Bonds). As Pearlman noted in the article, he uncovered Holmes' story while working on a book about the Dallas Cowboys, due for release within the year. So I asked him what the book was about, how it was coming and when it was due for release. This is his response:

"It's coming out in August 2008. No title yet, but book is going great. Have interviewed well over 150 members of the Cowboys from 1989-96 (the years I'm covering). It's a fascinating topic that lends itself to a book -- dynamic characters, incredible talent, unparalleled successes, lots of misbehavior, etc. Also, I really think it helps coming in from an outsider's vantage point. As I learned in my two past books, you enter with no biases, no prejudices ... just an open mind and a blank notebook."

He says he'd like to post book updates to his MySpace page a little more often than he does. Instead, it's a lot of politics -- and, today, a link to John Rocker's Web site. Which you should really check out. And this too, speaking of the '96 Cowboys. --Robert Wilonsky

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