New York Post Columnist Cindy Adams Too Busy to Talk, Fact Check

Everyone's getting a big giggle out of 143-year-old New York Post Page Six columnist Cindy Adams' reference today to Preston Hollow as "a town outside Dallas" known for its "horse stables, lake views, mountain views, golf club views." Notes a Post comment, "Cindy Adams has perhaps sampled the manure addiction"; writes a Gawker-er, "looks like cindy a is still senile." (One regular Gawker stalker also notes that "my parents live in the neighborhood and let me tell ya -- no one is looking forward to the traffic, security and all the other bullshit. another reason not to go home! like i needed one...")

Unfair Park has tried all morning to ask Nicole Kidman's favorite columnist where she gets her intel -- clearly, not from Wikipedia -- but no luck. She's on deadline, says her assistant Molly, who seemed initially amused by our questions ("To which mountains is she referring, specifically?" "Exactly how many miles out of Dallas is Preston Hollow?" "Is Sidney Falco in her office right now?") but ultimately grew a little annoyed, though that may just be the accent. --Robert Wilonsky

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