News & Notes: DPD Sends a Warning, Groups Win City Grants and a Ticket Ticker Tryout

Whilst I await some call-backs, some loose ends, odds and sods and other desiderata with which to end the work day:

The Dallas Police Department sends word: Car break-ins are up -- way up -- in Beat 142, which is the area bordered by Mockingbird, Abrams, Belmont and Greenville. Says DPD, the 37 bust-em-ups in the past 28 days are on account of "the lack of lighting in the area [and] property is in plain sight." All but four of the break-ins occurred between midnight and 8 a.m. One solution: more pepper balls ...

And this just in from Dallas City Hall: They've doled out a second round of Loving My Community Neighborhood Improvement Grants to 13 recipients, among them Stonewall Jackson Elementary's beloved garden (which got $10,000 toward an outdoor lab and community center expected to cost round 80 thou), The Cedars Art Project (which "will create sculpture pieces representing cedar trees for installation in The Cedars to identify and unify neighborhood and enhance area appearance") and the Beltline Beautification Project. Is that even possible? I kid, I kid. Sheesh ...

And, remember when I said The Ticket was looking for someone to host the Top 10? From the sound of the station and nothing more, it would appear they've found someone for the gig. But last night I ran into my pal -- and yours, probably -- Tom Bridwell, who said he'd sent to Rich Phillips a "ticker" tryout and never heard back. I asked Tom to send along for Unfair Parking. He said sure, which is why it's below (or


, if you wanna download and keep forever and ever and ever). Me, I'd have hired him on the spot.

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