Newy's Old Scoop

Don't know how the local media missed this one--perhaps they were too busy blogging about Oxnard's night life-—but Terrell Owens is guaranteeing a Super Bowl for your Dallas Cowboys. Not this year necessarily, but sometime in the next three years. He said so in a sit-down with KXAS-Channel 5's Newy Scruggs, who gets props for the area's first exclusive with T.O. and for getting him to say, "If I'm here for the full amount of years in my contract, I'm promising a championship. I feel that and believe that in my heart." The interview ran last Sunday night, when obviously the rest of the metroplex was too zombied out from watching an 18-wheeler for three hours. But if Owens--who also has a MySpace profile these days (and, no, Donovan McNabb isn't one of his "friends")--shows up at training camp in Oxnard tomorrow and repeats that guarantee, it'll be national news. So why shouldn't it create a buzz today? Says Owens to Newy, "I'm ready to take this city and put it on my back and let's go to Miami." That would be for Super Bowl XLI in February. Grab your popcorn indeed. --Richie Whitt

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