No, I Will Not Wear That

Not to dog on Quick twice in one day, but we've a bone to pick with their "Weather" columnist—a blue-green-and-silver bone, with the word "Mavericks" inscribed upon it. See, the column not only offers weather predictions, but suggestions for weather-appropriate attire. For today (and tomorrow, Sunday and Monday), "Weather" shamefully suggests...go ahead and sit down for this..."Suns Jersey."

Now I don't know about you, but this girl (yes, many girls watch the b-ball and, no, I do not have bleached hair, extensions or a halter top) is no bandwagon fan. I stand by my Mavs through good times (tonight?) and bad (Wednesday), and I do not take kindly to some fair-weather (ha) jerk telling me to put such an thing on my back and thus turn my back on my city. Let the sports guys write about which team is better. Weather peeps should be reminding us that too much exposure to the Sun(s) is never a good thing. --Merritt Martin

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