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No Love Lost Letters: An Inside Peek at the Battle Over the District Attorney's Budget

At 7 tonight, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins will speak to an audience at Irving City Hall about the county's budget cuts -- specifically, those cuts affecting his office. He has invited Dallas County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield to join him, but if last night's jam-packed town hall-style meeting at Friendship-West Baptist Church gave any indication how tonight's event will go, Mayfield ain't gonna show.

Besides, the commissioners have made it clear they're done debating Watkins, as evidenced by some missives and memos -- including a six-page letter from Watkins to Dallas County Judge Jim Foster from July 21 -- obtained by Unfair Park. You'll find all three after the jump. But, in short: The commissioners have told Watkins his office will have to make do with $3.6 million less next year, and that's that.

Note specifically the tone John Wiley Price takes in a July 23 letter to Watkins. Price writes that he appreciates Watkins, but that "it is very important that we put the debate on you office's FY2010 budget behind us"; a little further down, he says that "continuing down the present path is counter-productive and unacceptable."

Which certainly explains why Price was a no-show last night.

May Letter From Dallas County Budget Officer to Craig Watkins

Craig Watkins' Letter to Judge Foster

John Wiley Price Responds to Watkins's Letter

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