No, Pal, You STFU

Big story yesterday about a Boston couple who was booted off a flight because their 3-year-old was throwing a tantrum and refused to be buckled in to her seat. Fair enough, considering that you've got another 115 or so passengers waiting to take off.

The story ran on KDFW-Channel 4, and my wife weighed in on the station's blog and on a Good Morning America message board. She related our experience flying home for Thanksgiving, during which a man large enough to play linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys threatened to bash in my wife's face if we couldn't get our 2-year-old to shut up. Her point, I think, in posting to the local Fox blog is that air travelers with kids are doing the best they can. She signed off by saying something like, "If it really bugs you that bad to hear a kid crying on a plane, buy an iPod."

Bad choice of words, I guess, because within minutes she had been called a bad mom on the GMA message board and told to "STFU you thoughtless pig."

Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of valid points on both sides of this issue of kids on planes (and probably a lesson to be learned about participating in online forums), but I'll just say this: Parents flying with kids are usually doing the best they can. A little toleration goes a long way. As for our little brood, we've come up with our own solution to the problem, at least until our kids are old enough to fly quietly: road trips. --Jesse Hyde

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