One of these Twinkies can be yours for just $8,000, payable to eBay seller rizzyt2.
One of these Twinkies can be yours for just $8,000, payable to eBay seller rizzyt2.

No, People Aren't Actually Stockpiling Twinkies

We tried this morning to make it clear that the Twinkie is safe. Some private equity firm will swoop in and buy the brand at bankruptcy auction, along with Sno Balls, Ding Dongs and any other Hostess snack cake that carries with it a whiff of nostalgia. It's inevitable.

According to news reports, that hasn't stopped people from raiding supermarkets and convenience stores as if the zombie apocalypse were upon us. Stores in Ohio, in New York, and wherever else a bored assignment editor is looking for a local angle on the Hostess story are selling out.

Or is this just a case of media outlets making mountains out of molehills? Take Bloomberg Businessweek's "Twinkie Junkies Raid Stores" headline on a story bolstered by the assistant manager of a grocery store in Chicago saying "We may have a few things left, but pretty much we're out of our Hostess stuff."

The better barometer of our collective psyche is eBay, where one entrepreneur apparently sold a 10 pack of Twinkies for $59.99.

Mentioning that fact alone, as ABC News did itself gives the impression that people are acting in a way they might in preparation for zombie apocalypse. A longer look on eBay says otherwise. There are any number for 99-cent offers without so much as a bid. Same for this $8,000 "collector's" Twinkie.

So probably some people are making a special trip to the store to buy some Ho Hos, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of Twinkie mania. This is speculation, by entrepreneurial types on eBay and by news outlets looking for an angle.

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