Flickr photo: Obama__Dallas (Adam Jefferson)
Ron Kirk, speaking briefly at an Obama victory party at Gilley's on Election Night

No Surprises: Ron Kirk is Being Vetted for Obama Cabinet Position

On November 5, the day after his friend Barack Obama was elected president, former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk told Unfair Park he had "no expectations" concerning an appointment to Obama's cabinet. "I feel good knowing that he sees me as someone who has always believed in him," said Kirk, who went to work for Obama in December 2006 and spent the better part of 2007 and '08 campaigning on his behalf. "Being First Buddy ain't a bad gig."

But he also said he'd serve if asked -- well, of course he would -- and this morning, both local papers are reporting that Kirk is being vetted for a possible position in the Obama administration. The Dallas Morning News is hedging its bets: Gromer Jeffers Jr. reports that it's "possibly secretary of transportation, education, housing and urban development or some other Cabinet-level post." The Star-Telegram is far more specific: "Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk is a finalist to be secretary of transportation in the Obama administration." Kirk confirms the vetting to both papers. --Robert Wilonsky

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