No, That Newish Deep Ellum Sign Isn't Gone For Good. It's Just Down for Repairs.

A couple of readers have asked: What's become of that newish neon sign at the corner of Main and Good-Latimer? That's it at right, the wayfinder that offended Pete so much he decided to quit and head back east. Because it's gone, only a few months after its installation. Ah, fret not: Barry Annino, president of the Deep Ellum Foundation, says this morning that it's off being repaired following a storm a few weeks ago that beat the hell of of it.

"It got hit by some hail and wind," he says. "It'll be back up, my guess is, 10 days, two weeks. It'll be back shining again." That's it? Nothing else? "Most people love it. You drive into the neighborhood, you know where you are now."

As opposed to ...?

"What the hell is this?" He laughs.

Annino then told me something I didn't know: That original sign, which is now in a parking lot at Main and Malcolm X? It was stolen about a year ago, then found ... for sale on Craigslist. "We got it, then had to go to court to get it back," Annino says. "They just decided they owned it. Pretty weird."

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