No, Wait, Newest Dallas Cowboy Tank Johnson Will Be Living in The Ashton

ESPN the Magazine accompanied Terry "Tank" Johnson -- the not-quite-yet-a Dallas Cowboy nose tackle -- when he went to rent a Dallas apartment a couple of weeks back. Couple of things you learn from the story: One, he really wanted to live in The Ashton on Cedar Springs. And two, wasn't gonna happen. Why not? Because ...

He says that he was turned down after the Ashton managers saw a newspaper story detailing his jail time and history with guns. The story also claimed that he's a felon.

Johnson is not. He will now have to ask his lawyer to send paperwork indicating as much and hope that the Ashton reconsiders. He glides his finger along a glass of red wine and says, "I know this lady believes I'm just this big-ass thug, idiot, gun guy." He sips. "I don't think I did anything wrong. But I didn't do it right."

Then The Ashton reconsidered -- he'll be perched on the 18th floor, if you need him. --Robert Wilonsky

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