Note to News: Just Bring Back the Paperboy and His Trusty Bicycle

So, just maybe The Dallas Morning News won't be able to deliver, heh, on its promise to litter rich folks' front yards with those unwanted single-section papers called Briefing, blech. The latest adventure in CueCatting is due to touch your more manicured lawns come August 27 -- but today Editor & Publisher talks to daily papers' circulation execs about the rising price of gas and how that's leading to a ginormous drop in drivers willing to deliver the papers folks are actually paying for, since there isn't much coin to be made off tossing 'em on four-dollar-a-gallon gas.

The News reports that it's seeing an enormous turnover when it comes to carriers -- 150 percent since November, more than twice the usual amount. Notes News veep of circulation of John Walsh, "It is significant because it affects customer service when you have that rate of turnover." I could always cancel, if it'd help. Or you could just not worry about Briefing those who don't wanna be briefed, just saying. --Robert Wilonsky


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