Now We Know Where Glenn Beck's Setting Up Shop: Former Southlake Mega-Church

Speaking of Southlake ...

Huffington Post this afternoon directs our attention to something called the Southlake Journal, which, turns out, is actually the Star-Telegram, which pointed out on Monday that Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts production company, which employs 'round 100, is eying the former Gateway Church building on Southlake, which takes up around 60,000 square feet. The item actually goes before that city's Planning and Zoning Commission tomorrow.

And, sure enough: On the city's website you'll find a doc titled Zoning Change & Site Plan for Gateway Church Addition, which says:

The existing building that was operated by Gateway Church is being requested to be used primarily for radio/television/internet broadcasting and production and business office functions. The proposal includes provisions for installation of wrought fencing for secured parking areas, trash enclosure relocation and backup power generator. No other changes are proposed to the property or the exterior of building.

And how would Beck use the building? Well, primarily for "radio/television/internet broadcasting." You just read that. But the zoning change also says ...

...the property will be available for special events including concerts, lectures and speeches, film screenings, receptions, etc., as well as client/advertiser meetings, charitable gatherings and banquets, e-Commerce businesses, on-site sales of merchandise, subscriptions and gift shop type items, and multi-day conferences.

A Glenn Beck theme park, in other words. Wonder if they could use a Ferris wheel.

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