"Numbers Become Faces": Hinojosa Talks About Friday's Layoffs And Why "It Could Get Worse"

Superintendent Media Availability (4/29/2011) from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.

As the Dallas Independent School District was sending word Friday that it had just laid off 203 from central administration, and eliminating another 247 presently unfilled positions, Dallas Independent School District Michael Hinojosa was holding a press conference at 3700 Ross explaining why it was necessary and painful -- and far from the end of the cuts to come. The district has posted the entirety of that video.

"We're losing a lot of talent today," says the super, as you'll see above "These people have been dedicated to Dallas ISD, and they provided a lot of services that go unsung. A lot of people want to bash certain positions in the district as being unimportant, but all of these individuals provided great service to our community and to our district and to our principals and to our teachers."

The super also discusses why "time is running out" for those so-called flexibility bills at the state Legislature that would provide the district, and others throughout the state, the ability to schedule furlough days and salary reductions. In response to WFAA's Brett Shipp, the super also lights into the Lege for not addressing "the structural deficit that exists ... They are kicking that can down the road, so it's not going to go away, but some people, I guess, this is what they want."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.