Jamey Newberg, the Texas Rangers' official blogger

Of Course the Texas Rangers are Media-Friendly

The New York Times this morning weighs in not only on Mark Cuban's recent flipping and flopping over allowing bloggers access to the Dallas Mavericks' locker room, but on the larger issue of how pro sports franchises are limiting media access in order to regain and retain control of their product. Most of the major leagues come off looking snotty and petulant -- except one. Which is? Your Texas Rangers, no kidding. Because the New York Yankees, say, offer "tightly controlled access" to its players and manager before game time, whereas "a few days later it was a much different scene in Arlington, Tex., when five reporters joined the Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, in his office for some pregame banter." Also noted: "The Texas Rangers, meanwhile, hired a fan who had started a popular blog about the team." Which would be none other than Jamey Newberg. --Robert Wilonsky


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