Of Cubes and Cubs

Of Cubes and Cubs

Mark Cuban went to Wrigley Field last night, sat in the right-field bleachers and spent part of the game text-messagng Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti. The writer insists Cubs fans want Cuban to buy their team, and from the tone of his love letter to Cuban -- not to mention their back-and-forth texting -- Mariotti likewise sounds like a man enamored of the idea, if not the man himself:

There is nothing like the seventh-inning stretch, as we've seen with Eddie Vedder and John Cusack, to make the inconspicuous celebrity stand out in the crowd. Ten rows above the UnderArmour logo on the wall, there was the would-be next owner, in his vintage jersey, singing and raising his fist and high-fiving two of his best friends, then posing for pictures with fans. Has Dennis FitzSimons, the faceless CEO behind the Tribune Co., ever sat in right field? Cuban, the Internet billionaire, would rather be a fan than a suit.

''U spying on me?'' he wrote in the eighth, just before the great rally.

Spying, stalking -- such pointless distinctions. --Robert Wilonsky


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