Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect in Killing Near Northeast Dallas Walmart

An off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man police said is a suspect in a fatal shooting in Northwest Dallas early Wednesday.

Around 12:40 a.m., two men began to quarrel at the pumps of a gas station near Midpark Road and Central Expressway, police said. One of the men fired a shot, and the second drove forward into some parked cars. He was later found dead in his vehicle.

An off-duty Dallas officer who had just finished his shift at a nearby Walmart walked out of the the store to investigate. He saw several people, apparently including the shooter, get in a vehicle at the gas station and drive toward the street. He followed them in his own vehicle.

The car he was following stopped before exiting the Walmart's parking lot. The officer left his car and approached it and saw that one person in the vehicle had a gun.

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"The officer gave specific directions to the suspect regarding the firearm," according to a police statement. "The suspect then took an action that made the officer believe he was in imminent danger. The officer then discharged his weapon."

The suspect, mortally wounded, drove away before colliding with several cars parked in a nearby lot.

The names of the dead and the officer have not been released.

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