Oh, Yeah. Sheriff. Right. Got It.

See, if Pulle were still around, we'd be full of local results too -- like, ya know, that little race for Dallas County Sheriff. Looks like it'll be Lupe Valdez for the Dems -- by a landslide. She's got 56,112 votes so far -- or damned near half of the 112,451 counted thus far, with only 91 of 695 precincts reporting.

Meanwhile the Republicans have themselves a (vaguely) interesting race going on, with Lowell Cannaday currently leading all comers, but not by much with 278 of 695 precincts reporting. He's got hisself 19,891 of the votes counted thus far, or 42.4 percent. Meanwhile, golden oldie Jim Bowles ain't too far behind with 16,529 votes, or 35.23 percent, with the rest of field too far back to mention. As we're not going to follow this too closely, and you're probably not either, results can be found here as the constantly update 'em at the county. --Robert Wilonsky

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