On April 28, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins Gets His TV Show

Just came across the press site for Dallas DNA, Investigation Discovery's six-part series about Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, his office's Conviction Integrity Unit and ... well, you know, because it's right there in the title and because you follow the news. Word was Discovery had waited to shoot the show till Watkins had a DNA exoneration case on his hands; we shall see when the limited-run series makes its bow at 9 p.m. on April 28. Media clips are forthcoming, and we've asked Discovery to make some available in advance of the air date. Till then, the trailer is after the jump. And there's this pitch from the site:

DALLAS DNA follows the dedicated staff of the CIU as they unravel the mysteries of each case, ultimately confirming guilt or watching as an exonerated prisoner takes his first steps as a free man. When new DNA evidence is made available to investigators, it can also provide a shocking resolution to some cases -- forensic proof of the actual perpetrator. Equally compelling are the cases that confirm the original convictions -- including one death row inmate who maintains his innocence even when presented with DNA testing that proves he committed the crime.

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