On Being Rowdy, Loud, and/or Proud

There has to be a lot of hooplah going around about the Dallas Mavericks upcoming playoffs run, because I can promise you that if there was only minimal hooplah, I wouldn't have any idea it was even basketball season. (Heart you, Mark!) Anyway, what would hooplah be without viral videos? Surely you've seen the fine work of "Ben-Dawg" and "Dustball"--Ben Rebstock and Dustin Easley, respectively--the two whitest, rappinest Mavs fans around. Behold their parody of Saturday Night Live's digital shorts:

Rebstock's the chyron graphics operator for the Jumbotron at the American Airlines Center; Easley logs Mavs games for the NBA. They started out as interns and moved up the ladder by making up annoying raps about the team and their coworkers. Writes Ben-Dawg:

"Right after 'Lazy Sunday' became a huge hit on SNL, we started doing our own parody in the room to the song when we decided that, yes, we could do that ourselves. One thing led to another, and we shot the video."

Their latest is "Diop Diop," a Kriss Kross parody about Mavs center DeSagana Diop: Ben-Dawg says they're currently working on a third. Word. --Andrea Grimes

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