On Christmas Eve, a Cocktail-Swilling Burglar Unwrapped and Stole a Bunch of Presents

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On Christmas Eve, a burglar broke into Billy MacLeod's house on Akard Street in the Cedars, crept under his Christmas tree, and unwrapped and then stole Christmas gifts, specifically a pair of laptops and an iPhone 4s. A terrible, Grinch-y thing to do.

It's the details, though, that make the NBC 5 story you see above entertaining. You have the burglar who opens and eats part of a box of chocolates and, at a second house on Lamar a couple of blocks away, fixes himself a mixed drink to sip while he goes about his business. There's MacLeod the radio salesman (a profession that apparently still exists) who is incredulous that "someone would come into your house and steal what you've earned," which is basically the definition of every burglary ever. And then there's the live shot of the reporter planted in front of a dark and depopulated DPD headquarters a full three days after the thefts.

The story at least has a happy ending. On Christmas morning, MacLeod and his family joined hands with every Who down in Whoville and launched into joyful song. And then they went to the store and bought each other new gifts.

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