On July 1, See RoboCop In Front of Omni Consumer Products HQ, Dallas City Hall

Finally, a dream comes true.

For far too long now we've talked about screening RoboCop somewhere in downtown, preferably outside, definitely near one of the myriad landmarks featured in the film set in "Detroit" but shot entirely in Dallas in the summer and early fall of 1986. (Ah, yes, I remember when they closed down Deep Ellum like it was 25 years ago.)

But then we discovered others shared our vision, among them Brent Brown of CityDesign Studio at City Hall and Kourtny Garrett at Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the Arts District's Veletta Forsythe Lill and James Faust at the Dallas Film Society. We began meeting a few weeks ago about how to make this happen. It fell into place awfully fast: On July 1, in front of Dallas City Hall -- Omni Consumer Products HQ, but of course -- we're screening RoboCop. See it where they shot it. Literally: The screen will be set up right ... about ... here.

All the details are provided on the Facebook page and here as well: The food trucks roll up at 7:30, the movie fires up at 8:30ish, and remember to bring your own blankets and chairs. We'll have a few more details next week. But it's all rather ... simple, really. Dinner and a movie. The Living Plaza Goes Drive-In. I'd buy that for a dollar. Oh, right: Except for the food, it's free.

The trailer follows, as does Bobbie Wygant's on-location interview with Peter Weller. And do take the virtual tour here. Like Barry Kooda says: "Good times."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.