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On Lower Greenville, the Activist Becomes the Accused as Adelman Gets Assault Citation

Avi Adelman was out early Sunday morning (2:35 Sunday morning, to be precise) doing what he normally does in the wee small hours of the weekend: videotaping the goings-on on Lower Greenville Avenue. Only this time, he came away with something extra: a ticket accusing him of misdemeanor assault.

Adelman declines to comment on the allegation, telling Unfair Park this morning he's going to wait till this gets to court to respond. But according to the police report, 25-year-old Arikca Hanson was with an "injured male who was being transported by" Dallas Fire Rescue on the 1900 block of Greenville Avenue when Adelman began videotaping the incident. A handful of Dallas police officers were also on the scene when Adelman got into it with Hanson.

Says the police report, two witnesses said that Adelman "violently pushed [Hanson] forward stating 'Fuck you bitch get out of my way.'" Two Dallas police officers who were also on the scene "heard [Adelman] yell at [Hanson and] turned to observe [Hanson] stumbling forward." The officers note that Adelman was reaching for a can of pepper spray, at which point he was once again heard saying, "Fuck you, bitch." The officers intervened by stepping in between the two "and bringing his right arm down to keep him from spraying" Hanson and the two other witnesses standing nearby.

Unfair Park left a message with Hanson and sent an e-mail to one of the witnesses, who e-mailed Unfair Park about the incident at 3:32 this morning; neither have responded. Will update accordingly.

Update: After the jump, one of the witnesses offers her recap, via e-mail, of the events leading up to the issuing of the citation.

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Update to the Update at 1:16 p.m.: I've found a related police report in which Adelman contends that Hanson "pushed" him "in the chest with her open hand," after asking him, "Why are you filming this?" Alas, Avi "felt no pain and needed no medical treatment," reads the report, which notes that Hanson was issued an at-large citation, which DPD officials say means it will be mailed to her.

Update to the Update to the Update at 4:08 p.m.: Aricka Hanson just called to offer comment concerning Sunday morning's confrontation with Avi. She tells Unfair Park:

"It pretty much happened the way it's been stated. I don't know why it says I was issued a citation, because I wasn't. They let me leave. ... I had heard a smack, like somebody being hit, and heard a guy hit a ground. He was literally face-planted into the concrete and wasn't moving. So Brittny [O'Daniel, one of the witnesses] and I sat him up to see if we could get him to regain consciousness. I don't know who the guy was; I just thought he needed help. We flagged the cops down, and I was standing by and answering questions they had for me and apparently walked in the way of Avi's recording. I didn't know who he was or what he was going there, but  he shoved me and started yelling, 'Fuck you, bitch, get the fuck out of the way' and shoved me two more times and reached for his pepper spray. I threw my arms up like, 'I don't understand -- you're pushing me and you're pulling out your pepper spray.' And that's what happened. I didn't touch him, didn't ask why he was filming, didn't say a word to him."

Long story short we got off work and i guess she stood in the way of his camera, we didnt even know this guy existed till he attacked her. he tried to pepper spray her (that part was kind of funny) so police report was filed and he was charged with assault and all of us will be with her  
in court to tell exactly what happened so maybe he will finally be arrested. ... just thought with all the praise this guy gets someone should know who he really is. i was pretty appalled but i was raised to know that men don't assault women.

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